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One More kid joined the band wagon of Blogging teacher

There was a time when every Webmaster was starting Community boards, the scenario haven’t changed much the only visible change is now every webmaster is starting blog teaching every one how to do BLogging ;)

the latest guy to join this blogging teachers bandwagon is Sunil Pathak Owner and Admin of  Induslounge who started his new Blog Bloggers Lab on Saturday 14th of June 208 though his 1st post was neat in intreasting i cant say much about this guy untill i read few more articles

but one thig is sure this guy have some nice things to share he defininately have some age i specialy liked his writing style. i never got chance to read any bloggers introduction post but Sunil’s introduction was realy Profasional

its a good idea to introduce your self and your blogs theme and motoin your 1st post instead of starting your blog with SEO or other tips

over all his 1st post was charm and his 2nd post is very good and too the point lets see what he can serve in future


Plurk Is every where

I dont know what is so great about this Micro Blogging site ( I my self didn find any thing great about it) but every big blogger is writing about

Bigshot Bloggers Like Darren Rowse of Problogger is Playing with Plurk

Drew Olanof of Download Squade is Asking Plurk - Twitter clone, or heir to Twitter’s throne?

And Pradeep Soni of Blogging Resources have Different Question Plurk Imitation or Innovation

And Ram of Technology Bite thinks Plurk: Twitter Clone with a Timeline

and dont know how many other blogger are writing about Plurk and whome should i believe but one thing is sure Plurk wil give run to Twitter for its money

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